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Production Capacity

Now QIJIA have totally 8 production line, which contain corrugation 68*13mm, 125*25mm, 150*50mm, 380*140mm, 400*150mm, 3 lines for 200*55mm Shape section like Monoblock, Pipe-Arch, Arch, Horseshoe, Ellipse, door-shaped and flange nestable etc.

Design & Calculate Capacity

We are professional team not only for drawing, but also calculate the data based on your site, we can supply the best environment and economic method for your projects.

Storage Capacity

There are 2500m2 warehouse to store normal types for some customer urgent requirement.

Experience On Loading

Through experience worker, we can loading your cargo into container very safely and fast, it need only 0.5 hours for one container.And based on the demand of shipping company, we can loading the max quantity cargo in one container.

Short Distance To Port

We cost only 3 hours to reach Tianjin port, it ensure the cargo reach to port timely! For you or your customer visit, no matter at Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang or Jinan, it is very near to us even we can pick you up at airport.

Professional Install Team

We are not only installer, we are also a Problem-Terminator on your site, No matter base, pipe, backfill, bevel angle, our install team will try get a beautiful project with the minimum money.With the help of install workers, we develop our business to almost all China and get honor from customer.