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Widest choices of Corrugated metal pipes

Corrugated metal pipe gets its name for its corrugated patterns around the external surface of steel pipes. As the professional designer and manufacturer of quality corrugated metal pipes, our company can provide the widest choices for our customers.


According to its external patterns, corrugated metal pipes can be classified into three types: annular corrugated pipes, spiral corrugated pipes and spiral rib pipes. These patterns are considered important influence factors of hydraulic efficiency. For example, annular corrugated metal pipes feature parallel corrugations which may affect the flow of water even result in silt deposition if water carries sands and dirt.


Spiral corrugated metal pipes are characterized by their spiral patterns for enhancing hydraulic efficiency. However, spiral rib pipes have smooth inner surface which allows liquid flow to pass through without any boundary turbulence. In addition, different patterns also affect assembly methods.

  • spiral corrugated steel pipes;
  • monoblock corrugated steel pipes;
  • Nestable Corrugated Pipe;
  • Integral Corrugated Metal Pipe;
  • Monoblock corrugated culvert;


Corrugated metal pipes are available in three main styles - integral, assembled and lock-seamed styles as shown below:
Integral corrugated metal pipes allow for the easiest installation,Assembled corrugated metal pipe refers to a pipe constructed by bolting various corrugated plates together. Lock-seamed patterns are normally applied to spiral pipes including spiral corrugated metal pipes and spiral rib pipes.


  • ideal for projects requiring large diameter;
  • provide an easy assembly method;
  • allow for easy transportation;
  • Lock-seamed structures provide an easy assembly method;
  • hooking up plate edges together;
  • easy to handle
  • easy to transport


We offer three main types of coatings-zinc coating, polymer coating and asphalt coating as shown below.Zinc coating - Zinc, plated on the interior and exterior of corrugate metal pipes, can sacrifice itself to protect core material form corrosion. Polymer coating-Polymer, as a tough material with great resistance against corrosive materials, is generally painted to galvanized corrugated pipes.Asphalt coating-Asphalt is a common material coated on the internal and external surface of corrugated metal pipes for providing excellent protection to soil side and water side.

Various corrugation styles

Different types of coatings are available to enable corrugate pipes to prevent against rust and corrosion.

  • 68mm × 13mm, 75mm × 25mm;
  • 125mm × 25mm, 45mm × 60mm;
  • 150mm × 50mm,200mm × 55mm;
  • 300mm × 110mm;
  • 380mm × 140mm;
  • 400mm × 150mm.


Our company dedicates ourselves to manufacturing and selling high quality corrugated metal pipes nearly 10 years. We have talented engineers and skilled workers; our company imported an advanced production line in German; meanwhile, our raw material is bought from Shougang Group, the largest steel material supplier in China. What we have done is to ensure the high quality and superb work performance of our products.

Application of corrugated pipe

  • Drain system;
  • Underground cable protection.;
  • Underpasses Culverts;
  • Storm water detention;
  • Tunnels;
  • Coalmine vent pipes.Bridges;
  • Drain pipes.Agricultural irrigation.
  • Storm sewer projects.Passages for wildlife and vehicles


Tunnel strengthening and repairUnderground passage and small refuge placesDeep well
Mine roadwayMilitary and protectionMunicipal engineering drainage system
Refrigeration exhaust systemConstruction passageSteel corrugated pipe culvert arch bridge
Water conservancy department strategic reserveHigh fill water culvertSpecial area over water culvert
Water culvertReplace box culvert cover culvert channelThe old bridge repair
Replace bridge porous side by sideInverted siphon for agricultural irrigationPipeline protection
Conveyer tunnelModular steel bridge for fast and easy installationOld bridge pier reinforcement
Cistern storageDeep tunnel shaftLadder cable line slot