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Specific methods to prevent uneven settlement of steel bellows culverts

In order to prevent uneven settlement of steel bellows culverts, the construction process of foundation pit excavation and substrate treatment is very important.Before the excavation of the foundation pit, the construction of the ground drainage system should be done well, including the construction of a cut-off ditch around the top of the foundation pit, and the setting of a drainage slope with an outward slope between the top edge of the pit and the cut-off ditch to avoid the instability of the pit wall caused by the flow of ground water into the foundation pit; during excavation, slope excavation or step excavation should be carried out according to the excavation depth of the foundation pit, and the elevation of the bottom of the foundation pit should be strictly controlled to avoid over-digging.


Treatment methods of various soil-based foundations during the installation of steel bellows

Steel corrugated pipe culverts have the advantages of thin joints, light weight, simple construction technology, and easy on-site installation.In the installation process of steel bellows, the foundation is essential.The foundation should maintain a uniform bearing capacity for the entire steel corrugated pipe culvert, and the foundation where the weak foundation and the rock foundation intersect should be avoided. If it is unavoidable, high-quality sand and gravel should be compacted and formed with a thickness of at least 30 cm to minimize the amount of settlement in the tunnel culvert.This article analyzes and explains the treatment methods of various soil-based foundations during the installation of steel bellows.


Congratulations to Qijia Group for the successful holding of the 2023 groundbreaking conference

On the sixth day of the first month of 2023, Qijia Group held the 2023 groundbreaking conference at Kunlun Hotel.In the new year, we are all dream chasers, and the road to the future is long. May you and I work together and walk hand in hand to welcome a more exciting year together.I wish you all a happy start to work, safe and healthy.


Focus on the economic situation in the third quarter 丨 Xinhua Time Review: China is still a hot spot for foreign investment

The Sixth China International Import Expo is approaching, and China has once again gathered the eyes of the world.The exhibition area of enterprises has increased by about 30%, and the number of exhibitors of the world's top 500 and leading enterprises in the industry has exceeded the previous level. More than 400 new products, new technologies, and new services will be unveiled, demonstrating the attractiveness of the Chinese market and the new vitality of high-quality development from one side.


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